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Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham
under the patronage of Saint John Henry Newman

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The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham arrived in Galloway in the south west of Scotland with the arrival of Fr Simon Beveridge who lives with his wife, Sarah, near Whithorn. At the moment they are in the process of transforming an old water mill into what will become a splendid home. Fr Simon also assists in the Diocese of Galloway at the invitation of Bishop William Nolan. Bishop of Galloway, while working to establish an Ordinariate presence in The Machars area of Galloway.

Whithorn was the location of the first recorded Christian Church in Scotland, Candida Casa, the White House, built by Saint Ninian around 397. The late-medieval cathedral Whithorn Priory is ruinous, much of it having disappeared completely apart from part of the original nave and the vaults at the eastern end of the great church which once held the shrine of St Ninian, one of medieval Scotland's major pilgrimage destinations. St Ninian is considered to be the man who first brought the Christian faith to Scotland and his missionary activities took him to the far north.

A late-medieval gateway with the arms of the King of Scots leads into the site of the priory and the museum which contains finds from the site which has been extensively excavated in recent years. The collection of early medieval stones is one of the largest in Scotland, and includes the country's earliest surviving Christian memorial, the 5th-century inscribed Latinus Stone.

One of the finest artefacts found at the site is the Whithorn Crozier. The gilded and enamelled crozier is an outstanding example of champlevé enamels which were being made in England in the second half of the 12th century, and this one dates to around 1175. It is thought that the Crozier was buried with the body of Simon de Wedale, who was one of the Bishops of Whithorn who died in 1355.

Fr Simon assists in the Machars parish, celebrating the Vigil Mass for the parish of Whithorn each Saturday.  Each Wednesday he celebrates an Ordinariate Use Mass at 11am in St Martin and St Ninian's, Whithorn, with those 'on Pilgrimage' tracing the footsteps of St Ninian.  See below for further details

Fr Simon will be delighted to meet with anyone who wishes to find out more about the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.  You will find his contact details below.

For more information about the Ordinariate 
in Scotland please visit:


Fr Simon Beveridge
T: 01988 850323 - M: 07703 750552


St Martin and St Ninian
George Street
Whithorn DG8 8PZ

Fr Simon assists in various churches in The Machars area of Galloway at the request of the Parish Priest. 

Mass Times

Saturday:  5pm - Vigil Mass (not Ordinariate Use)

Wednesday:  11am - Ordinariate Use Mass
                  Confessions  -  10.30am

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The official Ordinariate Trartan

St Martin and St Ninian's Whithorn

Part of the ruins of Whithorn Priory

The Whithorn Crozier

The Annual Pilgrimage on the last Saturday of August to St Ninian's Cave, Whithorn