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Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham
under the patronage of Saint John Henry Newman

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Safeguarding in the Ordinariate is carried out by arrangement with the local diocese. The reason for this relates to several factors. Firstly, the structure of the Ordinariate is an important factor. The easiest way to understand these is that essentially of a non-geographic diocese. Priest and groups are widely spread across England and Wales but the numbers are relatively small when compared with those of the dioceses. Therefore, the safeguarding is easier and it is more reliable for priests to be attached to their local dioceses. It is important to understand that all priests are allied with the diocese for all safeguarding issues such as training. This is not a new way of handling the issues as there is a similar arrangement with the Polish mission.

All issues must be dealt with in this way. If, therefore issues (small or large) arise it in important the they are handled by the diocesan safeguarding office. If an issue arises and the diocese office is unable to deal with it and people are concerned the police should be notified so action can be taken.

As part of this contract a person is appointed to act as a liaison between the diocesan structure and the ordinariate. At present that is Suzanne Taylor - It is important to understand that this person is there to liaise not to act as a safeguarder or to become actively involved. The role is purely to receive information as and when people offer it.


The Catholic Church in England and Wales offer safeguarding e-learning to every parishioner free of charge.

Do you work with children, young people or adults who may be vulnerable? Are you a parent who wants to learn about online safety?

Then take a look at the safeguarding e-learning programme which includes:

  • Child Protection

  • Child Protection in Education

  • Safeguarding Adults

  • Child Exploitation and Online Safety

  • Mental Capacity

To find out more please download the brochure to see the courses available and how to access them.

The e-learning programme is an integral part of the Church's commitment to safeguarding. We all have a role to play in creating a safe environment.